Welcome to Selu Games!

Here at Selu Games, I merge my love for programming with my fascination for video games to provide you with a window into virtual worlds full of excitement.

As a Software Analyst during the day, my primary role is to unravel the secrets of code. However, when the sun sets and the lights flicker in my development space, I dive into the creation of video games that reflect my vision and passion for the industry.


Hyperace is a futuristic races game with hyper speeds and lots of adrenaline.

An anti-gravity racer with weapons, shields, boosters and hype speeds.

Inspired by classics of the genre like F-Zero or Wipeout!

Dark Age

Allow me to introduce my latest project: Dark Age, a thrilling futuristic beat’em up, with a Demo available on Steam.

Embark on an electrifying journey through 5 offbeat themed locations that will test your skills. Dark Age promises a different and unique gaming experience.

The Deepest Dungeon

The Deepest Dungeon is a medieval fantasy game with beat’em up classics mechanics and lots of adrenaline.
High quality 3D low poly design.

Selumor VR

Dozens of different magics, with different damage types, statuses and special effects.

Dozens of totally different enemies: ghosts, skeletons, orcs, dwarves, demons, hellhounds, giants and more.

Available on Oculus/Meta